The simplest method of teaching and learning english

Need help? Contact us Sign in Contact Us EN 101 ways to Learn English Simple advice to set you on the road to being fluent in English Learn English with EC Here are 101 things (in no particular order) you can do to improve your English Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Be confident. PeopleContinue reading “The simplest method of teaching and learning english”


All praises are due to our maker, nourisher,cherisher,sustainer and provider. words of the encyclopedia are inadequate to express my joy of today, because earnestly speaking we are jubilating this gigantic day of ours. Also special thanks to our teachers, who guided us through our educational carrier. And I would also like to praise our schoolContinue reading “WAYA SCHOOL COMPLEX 2019 GRADUATION{CANDY}”


Kwankwaso Fans Association(KFA) Assalamu alaikum ya jama’a masu daraja.wannan kungiya mai suna asama tana farin cikin sanar daku cewa anbude sabuwar tashar zamani wato tashar youtube mai suna kwankwasiyya TV yanzu haka ana nan anata musu musamman marasa Daraja suna cewa baza asamu Wanda zai SUBSCRIBE ko guda dayaba amma dai yanzu haka an faraContinue reading “Ku danna SUBSCRIBE”

100Synonymous words.

The words are as follows: 1-Answer – reply 2-Abundant -plentiful 3-Annual -yearly 4-Abandon-leave 5-Assemble -gather 6-Accuse-blame 7-Assist-help 8-Ancient-old 9-Acute-sharp 10-Astonish-Surprise 11-Attempt-try 12-Altitude-height 13-Anger-wrath 14-Affectionate-love 15-Aged-old 16-Aim-purpose 17-Alien-foreigner 18-Afraid-frightened 19-Abrupt-sudden 20-Behaviour-conduct 21-Constable-policeman 22-Brief-short 23-Bright-clever 24-Commence-begin 25-Forbid-prohibit 26-Feeble-weak 27-False-untrue 28-Final-last 29-calamity-disaster 30-Curious-eager 31-Damp-wet 32-Daceive-cheat 33-Dexterity-skill 34-Descend-fall 35-Detest-hate 36-Delighted-pleased 37-Exterior-outside 38-Enemy-foe 39-Enough-sufficient 40-Endeavour-try 41-Keen-eager 42-Loyal-faithful 43-Lament-grieve 44-Lean-thin 45-Fertile-fruitfulContinue reading “100Synonymous words.”

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